philadelphia hypnosis hypnotist Interested in hypnosis? You've come to the right place, because the information here is based on real experience, not the usual copy-and-pasted "truth about hypnosis" fluff that you find on 99% of hypno-websites.

You know, the common sites that promote "facts" like: You remain in complete control during hypnosis. Or: A hypnotist cannot make you do things unless you really want to. Those statements are just made-up nonsense, along with many others that are explained further below.

I can speak from experience because as a hypnotist, I've worked with 1000s of people in the Philadelphia area. Just like them, you've probably tried using willpower, motivation and conscious effort to change something in your life. And just like them, you've discovered that those are "necessary but not sufficient".

In fact, with many problems, the harder you try, the tougher it gets (like trying to go to sleep, or trying to feel calm and confident instead of feeling anxious, or trying to think positive).

That's why hypnotism can make a difference, because it avoids the trap of "trying hard"; we work with your subconscious mind and your automatic, unconscious patterns, instead of trying to motivate you with more advice and pep-talks.

as seen and heard on:

hypnosis in philadelphia media

"[His hypnosis demonstration had] clearly the best results. It's a big improvement over other times we've tried to do it!" --- The Preston and Steve Show, WMMR 93.3 FM

Your subconscious mind loves lists, so here's a list to make it happy - the Top 10 reasons why so many clients have trusted Center City Hypnosis to help them achieve their goals:

  1. Real Live 1-on-1 hypnotism. I won't put a pair of headphones on you and leave you listening to a pre-recorded relaxation CD. If you just want to hear some affirmations with soothing music playing in the background, you could stay at home and do that yourself.

  2. Full-time hypnotist who works with clients every day. Fact: the overwhelming majority of "certified hypnotists" are hobbyists who do this as a side-gig at best. If you're committed to doing this work as a client, your hypnotist should be just as committed too... not dabbling in it.

  3. Dedicated office located in the heart of Philadelphia's central business district. Evening hours available, including Saturdays. Your session will not be conducted on a couch in a basement or a spare bedroom in someone's house.

  4. Each session is individual, private, and customized. No group sessions where you sit in a room full of strangers while someone reads from a generic script ("relax and imagine being in your serene place... now think happy thoughts... doesn't that feel nice?").

  5. I know you aren't impressed by made-up titles like "Elite Master Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist". Beware of the mail-order Ph.D.s and diplomas, the fake credentials, and misleading claims that are common in this field. The FAQ provides links to official resources that will help you verify whether or not that "Doctor" is really a doctor... or perhaps they've just watched a lot of Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil.

  6. No-Hassle Guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with your experience at the end of your first session, there will be no cost to you (see the FAQ for details). No contracts to sign, no disclaimers with fine print. What You See Is What You Get!

  7. Upfront pricing information. I don't think you should have to come in and sit through a sales pitch, just to find out how much something costs.

  8. Free, no-obligation initial consultation. Simple, clear explanations. No pseudo-scientific jargon about "linguistically reprogramming your quantum neurology".

  9. No “upselling” during your session! I won't spend your valuable session time trying to sell you herbal supplements, vitamins, candles, CD programs, training seminars, workshops, etc. etc.

  10. I know that my role is to help you achieve your goals, NOT to play Amateur Spiritual Advisor or "healer". I will NOT try to convince you that you were an ancient Mayan priestess in a past life! Maybe you were, maybe you weren't; it's not up to me.

Real Clients, Real Results!

Hypnosis is interesting, but more importantly it can make a real difference in people's lives. Check out these clients describing their experiences and results (they kindly gave permission to share their stories):

Tovah reports a "huge improvement" in overcoming an unwanted habit (nail-biting).
Here is link to transcript
Tina described making "breakthroughs" in her life after having been stuck on a plateau, personally and professionally.
Here is link to transcript
Howard at first wasn't too sure about giving hypnosis a try, but he found that "it was exactly what I was looking for", helping to increase focus and confidence.
Matt used hypnosis to overcome anxiety about test-taking, and also found that it improved other areas of his life.
(This isn't the same Matt whose letter is shown elsewhere on this page; I've helped a lot of people with test anxiety so it's just coincidence that two had the same name and the same goal)
Alexis said: "I find that I'm not second guessing myself anymore, I used to overanalyze a lot." Like many people, she went ahead with hypnosis after having tried many other things to deal with her habit of worrying.

(you can visit my YouTube channel to view these and other client stories, in their own words)

stop smoking

confidence and fear

I helped the above client overcome fear and lack of confidence
related to business pressures.

quit smoking

Rick was kind enough to provide further updates:
"Still smoke-free, it has been over 5 months now." and
"Started jogging and I am up to four miles, at least 4 times a week."

letter from client

I helped Matt with test anxiety and general confidence.

note from hypnosis client

Darrin felt much more relaxed about his ability to be social and outgoing.

vivian letter

stop smoking hypnosis calculation

My clients are so cool! See email above (used with permission).
She calculated her savings from becoming a non-smoker
by using a website called  PS. Can you imagine...
she would have smoked over 10,000 cigarettes by now
if she hadn't become a non-smoker!!!

letter from brian

You can tell these notes are real when they spell my name wrong...
Just kidding, thanks for letting me help you Brian!

At Last, Straight Talk about Hypnosis!

Philadelphia Hypnotist Hi there, I'm Steve, I run Center City Hypnosis. You may have seen or heard me on the radio and TV... the quote at the top of this page is from WMMR's popular Preston and Steve Show, where I accepted a challenge and hypnotized one of their staff members live and on the air (you can listen to that program on my blog).

They seemed kind of surprised that my demonstration actually seemed to work, saying that it clearly showed the "best results" when compared to other attempts.

Such comments and feedback are nice to hear, but I don't think it's because I'm the best hypnotist; this city can't even agree on the "best cheesesteak" or "best buffalo wings" in town... how stupid would it be for someone to declare themselves "the best hypnotist"?

It's just that so many people have only experienced pseudo-hypnotic "relaxation" or "visualization", that when they experience actual hypnotism, they think it's something unusual. It's just hypnotism.

Don't Be Fooled by "Imitation Hypnotists"!

I'm aware that many people in the hypnosis field closely follow this site, and that some copy-and-paste my content (at least, the parts that don't offend them). I've even seen comments from my clients being "borrowed" by other hypnotists. Imagine that: people who are so lazy that they can't even bother to create original fake reviews! smiley

So please: don't get me confused with other service providers. I cannot vouch for any offers or assertions made by any other hypnotist.

There is another form of "imitation hypnosis" to be aware of: many people have described experiences where they've tried seeing a hypnotist before. They went with the expectation of getting hypnotized at some point.

But what they often get instead is a nice conversation along the lines of "life coaching", sometimes a massage, or a "rubbing" or "tapping" procedure, or some sort of chanting. In other cases, they discover (only after signing a contract) that their program consists of sitting alone in a room while wearing headphones, and listening to a pre-recorded CD or MP3 player.

There's nothing wrong with a little rubbing and chanting, and coaching can be a great idea for some people, but come on...

Maybe I'm weird, but I believe that if you're going to see a hypnotist,
it's reasonable to expect some sort of hypnotism to be done.

An Educated Consumer is the Best Hypnotic Client

Warning! This information on this website may not be what you want, or expect, to hear. Unfortunately, when most hypnotists attempt to inform the public ("the Truth about Hypnosis", etc.), they're usually just repeating "feel good" myths that have little or no basis in reality.

However, just for fun, let's assume that you are an adult who is capable of making your own decisions, who does not need to be coddled with soothing fictional assurances, and that you have the right to be provided with accurate and complete information.

Let's also assume that you're mentally mature enough to recognize that both the scary Hollywood portrayals of menacing hypnotic Svengalis, and the typical gushing "Relax, just trust me, because I'm a certified hypnotist and I have the power to change your life forever!" hooey, are two sides of the same idiotic coin.

So now, let's clear up a few of those myths:

Top 10 Comforting "Facts" about Hypnosis [that aren't true!]

  1. "Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, similar to 'zoning out' when you're driving on the highway" --- No, it isn't. You can also experience fear, anger, sadness, and just about anything else in hypnosis, which is why it can be useful in training people how to manage those states.

  2. "You won't do anything immoral, harmful, or unethical in hypnosis" --- This is nonsense. Of course you can. After all, people can be led into immoral, unethical and harmful behavior without being hypnotized, right? Hypnosis does not create a magical force-field which protects you from bad influences or stupid decisions. Still, you cannot be "forced" into doing something you don't want to do, but you can be misled into doing it, just like you can be misled without hypnosis being involved. Use common sense: trust your gut and use your brain, and just avoid working with anyone who gives you "the creeps".

  3. "Don't worry, you remain in total control when you get hypnotized" --- No, this is not true. By definition, a hypnotist can exert a high degree of control over what you pay attention to, your emotional state and your perceptions of reality, and therefore your behavior within that context. If you are in total control of your experience, you are NOT hypnotized.

  4. "You remain awake and aware while in hypnosis, and you'll remember everything that happens during the session" --- No, this is not true. You are NOT asleep, but at the same time you are not necessarily aware of everything during the experience. It is also common to forget portions of the experience, just like waking up from an intense dream and forgetting exactly what happened in that dream.

  5. "You can't be hypnotized against your will" --- This depends on what you mean by "against your will". If someone chooses to resist being hypnotized, or is simply uninterested in it, then they will not be. Hypnosis is easy to resist: simply refuse to pay attention and don't follow instructions. In that sense going into trance is a voluntary process. However, people CAN be hypnotized without their knowledge or consent. Hypnosis is about unconscious effects, so willpower is mostly irrelevant anyway.

  6. "All you need is the desire and expectation that you will be hypnotized and you will be!" --- No, this isn't correct. Desire and expectation are nice, but there are other factors that can be more important (see the FAQ for details). It's also the case that if people try too hard to be hypnotized, desperately wanting it to work, then they may have a harder time! So this "fact", that all you need is desire and expectation, is not accurate... and in reality, being too eager or helpful can interfere with the process.

  7. "You have to 'really want to change' in order for the hypnosis to work" --- This is not true. The main point of doing hypnosis is to adjust automatic, unconscious processes towards a positive change. By definition, hypnosis operates at a non-voluntary level, so it has little to do with willpower or motivation. In fact, when a person feels a need to insist that they "really want it to work", that can be a bad sign! However, for most consistent results in the long run, it's obviously better to work with people who are self-motivated and have other factors in addition to hypnosis which are driving desired changes.

  8. "You can depend on your hypnotist being well-trained and competent, as long as they are certified" --- As a certified hypnotist myself, I can tell you that certifications are very unreliable. Don't be impressed by a fancy certificate on the wall! Most of the industry revolves around selling training courses to other hypnotists. There are relatively few active hypnotists who work with individual clients on a regular basis. When you see someone promoting themselves as a hypnosis trainer, it usually means they're mainly in the business of selling weekend workshops to other would-be hypnotists, because they have an unrelated day-job.

  9. "A hypnotist cannot get you to do things you would not normally do" --- If this were true, then what would be the point of going to a hypnotist??? After all, people want to get hypnotized in order to experience a change in an undesired or unhealthy part of their normal routine. But this isn't "making" someone do something they don't want to do. It's about the skillful adjustment of subconscious perceptions and focused attention that leads to desired change. This can be a deep and lasting change if it's in a form that is satisfying to the hypnotee. Otherwise, it's just an interesting and unusual experience during the duration of the hypnotic state.

  10. "Don’t worry, hypnosis is totally safe!" --- Hypnosis is neither safe nor unsafe. Consider that it's a form of intensified focus, attention and imagination, enabling a powerful form of subconscious learning. It's meaningless to claim that focus and imagination and learning are “safe”. It depends on what you focus on, and it depends on what you imagine to be true!


These myths are often repeated with good intentions by well-meaning people who just want to make you feel comfortable. I used to believe some of them too!

Either that, or they are just pulling your leg to get you in the door.

When it comes to the hypnosis field, I encourage you to be skeptical. You don't have to believe. Be like Scully; we always liked her better anyway.

(note: true skepticism is not the same thing as the whiny cynical attitude of someone whose poor feelings have been hurt and disappointed by life because of having naive expectations)

I encourage you to carefully review the information on this site. Too often members of the public are eager to believe things they've seen on YouTube or read on the internet, believing that they understand what's involved, and thinking:

"I know that I really have to want it to work (WRONG)... I'll remain in full control during hypnosis (WRONG)... it's about programming my mind with positive affirmations because my brain is like a computer that stores everything (WRONG)... I already know all that, I totally get it! (WRONG)"

This is an important part of the pre-screening process because we want to ensure that we only work with people who have correct expectations about the process (having NO expectations is OK too).

"I am delighted by the way you go right to the core of the discussion... You are an old-timer who has learned a great deal from your studies, research and most importantly, from your experience. PS. You are almost always gentle and diplomatic (Good on ya, Mate!)"
--- Gil Boyne, one of the few genuine masters in the field, the man credited by a top state education official for having "single-handedly created a new profession in America: the profession of Hypnotherapy."

"Steve is a 'go to' resource for business professionals looking to shed unproductive habits and beliefs and gain a unique competitive mental advantage."
--- Mike Capuzzi, co-author (w/ Dan Kennedy) of The Ultimate Success Secret

I'm a big believer in consumers being able to make an informed choice. I recommend you take your time and do your research before choosing a hypnotist. Hypnosis is not a one-size-fits-all "thing". Success develops from the unique interaction between two people. This shouldn't be treated like an impulse purchase, like something you see on sale in the clearance rack!

So, in addition to the extensive FAQ on this site, here are a couple of external resources to help you do your research:

You may even want to ask your regular doctor about hypnotism. Many medical professionals have had some exposure to the subject in the course of their training, but are hesitant to bring it up unless their patient mentions it first (because of concerns about bringing up a topic some people might consider to be too "out there").

If we were living in the middle of nowhere, then I wouldn't hesitate to help people who had no other alternative. But the fact is, the Philadelphia area has a long history of having many excellent hypnotic resources available.

apples orangesSome people think I'm crazy to provide resources like this to potential clients who visit my site. They think it's like "helping the competition".

But if you think about it, there really can't be competition (in the usual sense) between the many genuine practitioners who are available to help you, since no single individual can be the best choice for every client. It's like comparing apples to oranges - it depends a great deal on each client's personal taste.

And the scammers, frauds, and charlatans that are so common in this field are not real competition either, because they are in fact playing an entirely different game. Unfortunately, this distinction can be unclear to members of the public, who just want to find someone who can help them.

This site is dedicated to providing you with the best available information,
so that you'll be able to see through the many "Master Hypnotists" who are simply blowing smoke.

More Clients Share Their Experiences:

The story of "C. E. B." is one of my favorites: when he decided to try hypnotism, his wife rolled her eyes and said "Here we go again," because over the years, he'd spent thousands of dollars on seminars, CDs, various forms of therapy, etc... his bookshelves were full of the usual self-help bestsellers, and she figured this was just more of the same.

BUT by the time he came in for his 2nd or 3rd session (I forget which), he reported that his wife was so pleased with the obvious changes in him, that she offered to pay for more sessions herself (which he didn't need, anyway)!

Here is his original letter and a transcript:

"I went to see Steve about a longstanding issue that had affected most of my adult life. I have studied many methods of meditation, self-hypnosis, etc. and even had some success with some of these, but just could not get to my 'core issue'... I felt immediately comfortable with Steve, I must say. He's just a normal, good guy. No hype, no bull.

He guided me into trance, and easily got to the heart of my problems and helped me release it over the course of 3 sessions! I'm sure I can be helped further by him, but he lifted such a weight off me, that I can now (as he told me) re-introduce some of my former methods of meditation/self-help --- with even greater success and usefulness!

Being able to solve problems in life is very empowering, I gotta say! I don't feel that past issue in my way any longer! I'm more able --- more capable (if you understand this!) It's what I was after... I recommend hypnosis to any and all! I recommend Steve Roh and Center City Hypnosis as the person/place to go!"
--- C. E. B.

Another client described how she overcame years of anger stemming from a past romantic relationship, and this change improved her professional relationship with her staff, who noticed a mysteriously positive change in her mood and personality (this client is not a native English speaker, and her voice has been modified to protect her identity):

"I was an angry person, desperately angry... and now I don't feel that person there anymore... I wake up and jump up and I feel light... I'm a totally different person... I smile more like I've never done before!... I tried medication, I tried reading books... trying [hypnosis] was the last straw... and I don't regret it a minute!"

Here is link to full transcript in PDF

These stories are examples of how hypnosis has the potential to facilitate positive change in many different ways, but of course individual results may vary!

"My outlook has changed very greatly... I've been able to invoke that feeling of calmness and peacefulness at times I've really needed it... I can definitely say I've seen improvement... it's been a positive experience and I plan on recommending it to loved ones who need help in certain areas... it's definitely worth a try."
--- client who was stuck in an unhealthy rut

Here is link to full transcript in PDF

"I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical... because you hear about countless different forms of therapy... even though I was referred by a friend, I was certainly skeptical coming in... but I think I'm really-- not amazed, but pleased that in so soon or so quick a time, I was able to take care of a problem that was becoming a real hindrance in my life and my success."
--- client who struggled with a blushing reaction at work

Here is link to full transcript in PDF

Clients are never paid or compensated for their reviews!
I do not play the common game where clients are offered "freebies" or discounts, or in some cases contractually obligated, to write positive reviews. Failing to disclose that type of relationship is not only a violation of Federal Trade Commission guidelines, but it's also just a cheesy way of going about things.

"Thank you so much for getting me to quit smoking. My family thanks you. And my little 9 year old girl counts each day that I do not smoke... she tells me each day with such a big smile. Thank you."
--- Mark C.

"Unbelievable transformation! An absolutely fantastic, life changing experience... There was ABSOLUTELY NO pressure to attend his sessions (I was pleasantly surprised)... Steve has helped me change my life and save my marriage. I wish I had gone to him sooner!"
--- Citysearch reviewer

Affiliations, Training, Etc.

brain working

"I would instantly feel energized and positive when I walked out of the office... My friends and family have noticed huge changes in me and have even gone as far as asking if I was on some kind of drug... Thanks again for a life altering experience."
--- Michele D.

"He was so helpful! ...I tried so many different things to try and help me relax and 'calm down' in the past and nothing including many medications has worked. After only 3 sessions i couldn't believe it. My family members and teachers are even noticing how much calmer and less anxious I am. Thanks Steve!!!!"
--- Citysearch reviewer

Who Can Be Helped With Hypnosis?

If you have a brain and can follow simple instructions like "Please count from one to five", you can probably do it.

Here is a partial list of some of the people I have helped (I don't like to label people by their occupation, this is just to show you that everyday people use this stuff everyday):

Lawyers Business Owners Accountants
Social Workers Police Officers Students
Financial Analysts Vocalists Doctors
Stockbrokers Airline Pilots Office Managers
Real Estate Brokers Restaurant Owners Economists
IT Managers Insurance Agents Stay-at-Home Moms
Retail Clerks Chess Enthusiast Web Designers
Fashion Designers Adult Entertainers Archaeologists
Day Traders Sales Reps Marketing Executives
Secretaries Librarians Bartenders
Teachers Surgeons Construction Workers
Psychotherapists Psychiatrists Counselors
Martial Artists Professors Soldiers and Marines
Nurses College Athletes and many more...

Hypnosis can also help people move forward in their occupation. I have helped many many people pass examinations which were required to progress in their careers, including bar exams, occupational certifications, and medical boards.

Here is the latest email (used here with permission) that I received from a client who successfully passed a board exam which had been a struggle because of nervousness and stress about passing it:

Hypnosis In the News

Business Week, February 2, 2004:
"Although still not well understood, hypnosis has gained credibility... because of research using the latest brain-imaging technology. PET, MRI, and EEG scans show that hypnotized subjects have altered sensory perception - and they're not just pushovers, play-acting, or highly imaginative."

Mayo Clinic, December 2007:
"Hypnosis [is] another way to manage pain, kick bad habits... you're more open than usual to suggestions, and this can be used to change your behavior and thereby improve your health and well-being."

"I feel like a new person, and have an extra spark in my life that was not present several weeks ago. The issue I had was preventing me from living my life to the fullest, and I did not realize how much it was affecting me until it was removed."
--- Citysearch reviewer

"I've been a smoker on and off for 25 years, more 'on' than 'off', and except for the day I found out I was pregnant - this was the easiest time for me to quit. I've been smoke-free for 3 and 1/2 months. What surprised me the most was I had nothing physical going on, my body wasn't going nuts for a cigarette."
--- K.G.

Just Say No to Magical Thinking

Please note: even though the work we do together is very efficient, that does not mean that this is an "easy fix". It's not like popping a pill and it's not about listening to a pep talk that makes you feel good for a while. If you're expecting a passive experience where you do not need to put in any effort, then my approach to hypnosis may not be right for you.

Listen to this audio clip to hear David, a client who "turned his life around" because he was willing to do the work:

"The experience was highly emotional. I can tell you that I came here to stop some bad habits, and we were able to peel away the onion, so to speak, and get to the bottom of what was really causing me to do things that were self-destructive.

After the first session, I got home and, of course, I would think about those things, but then eventually the next couple of days, the thoughts of those things just eventually faded away, until now I don't think about doing those things anymore, and I cannot thank you enough for that. As I told someone, it was very emotional and then very relieving afterwards.

I highly recommend it. I want to tell everyone, all my friends about it. It has turned my life around, it truly has."

Of course, each individual's experience with hypnosis is unique; some experiences are very emotional, some aren't. It depends on the nature of the person and the issue we are working on.

Do Not Use Hypnotism as an Avoidance Tactic!

As noted earlier, if you're suffering from a possible psychological disorder or severe emotional disturbance, then I urge you to check out the state-licensed mental health resources on the GPSCH site listed earlier on this page.

"Hypnosis cannot, and should not, stand alone as the sole medical or psychological intervention for any disorder. Hypnosis should not be used instead of appropriate medical, dental, or psychological treatment, and any individual with a medical or psychological problem should first consult a qualified health care provider for diagnosis and professional advice."
- National Guild of Hypnotists

I know that some people are reluctant to seek help from "traditional" sources, because of a belief that they will simply prescribe a pill and medicate you... but I think the resources on that list, who have both hypnotic training and formal clinical background, are likely to have a broader view of how to help people (and besides, there's nothing wrong with medication if it helps).

Hypnosis can be a powerful and effective way to improve subconscious, automatic patterns, but it should not be considered as a substitute for dealing with mental or emotional disorders. It should also not be used to avoid dealing with difficult life situations (although it can be of great use in supporting you as you get through them).

"I find Steve's professional candor immediately helpful at putting my nervous personality at ease... I can tell he truly listens to what you have to say by the questions he asks you... He treats you like an equal and really wants to help..."
--- Google reviewer

"Best decision of my life! This is no snake oil hypnotist, he has a very realistic, clinical approach to issues... Steve utilizes his knowledge in the best, and most honest way possible, not beating around the bush and not being too invasive...He will definitely steer you in the right direction with YOUR best interests in mind."
--- Citysearch reviewer

Free, No-Risk Initial Consultation

At our first meeting, we want to get an understanding of the nature of the problem, and then discuss how and why (and IF) hypnosis can help you. This consultation usually takes around 30 minutes.

Then, you can decide to go ahead with the first session if you feel comfortable, or just take some time to think it over. If you decide not to go ahead, there is no cost to you, and you still get to learn something new.

The consultation helps you understand the process, but it's also a chance for you to make sure that I'm not too much of a weirdo, before moving forward.

However, most of the consultation needs to be spent talking about your issue and getting a clear understanding of your goals.

After all, hypnosis is interesting but I'm pretty sure that solving your problem is a higher priority to you. You probably do not need someone lecturing you about the "wonders of the subconscious mind" (whatever that is).

Check out the extensive FAQ page on this site, so that we can make the best use of your consultation time.


Appointments are taken between 10am-8pm, Monday through Saturday (closed on Tuesdays). Sessions are private and conducted at my office two blocks from City Hall in Philadelphia. All sessions are audio-recorded, so you can be comfortable knowing that everything will be done appropriately and there are no misunderstandings. All client-related information is kept completely confidential. Please note: meetings are by appointment only.

"It really worked (getting rid of) my sweet tooth, just ask some of my friends. I have had some sugar, but I don't crave it anymore."
--- HughE Dillon (Philadelphia Magazine and

"I felt so great after each session and that feeling continued with me... When my mom first recommended hypnotism I was very skeptical. I thought there was no way that I could relax my mind, but I really did. It was the most amazing experience of my life and I'm a changed person now because of it. I am so grateful and I haven't felt this happy in a LONG time. Thank you!!"
--- Kelly G.

Would You Like to Know More?

procrastination Check out the rest of this site, do your research, and then contact me to find out how I can help you help yourself.

There will be no high-pressure sales pitch on my part. Even with the help of hypnosis, you need to be self motivated to get the best results; I don't want to waste anyone's time by trying to convince anyone to make changes in their own life.

As Napoleon Hill once said: "Life is a checkerboard, and the player opposite you is Time. If you hesitate before moving, or neglect to move promptly, your men will be wiped off the board by Time. You are playing against a partner who will not tolerate indecision!"


Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page, where you'll find:

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