New Hypnosis Book Reveals Insider Tips

27 Aug

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — With increased interest and awareness surrounding hypnosis among the general public, eight professional hypnotists have shared their insights in the newly published book “Real World Hypnosis: Insider Tips from Leading Hypnotists”. Editor Steve Roh, owner of Center … Read More »

Hypnosis Research on Google Scholar

29 Jun

Google Scholar is a neat tool. Google describes it as: …a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, … Read More »

Coachability and hypnosis

29 May

Got one of those “I’m very strong-minded; maybe some people can be hypnotized but I doubt it would work on me” emails recently. The implication that only weak-minded people can be hypnotized indicates a misunderstanding of what hypnosis is. The … Read More »

A Good Investment

22 Feb

One of the ways that hypnotists can help people is by helping them get a better perspective on things, so that they can see the bigger picture. For example, if you think about it, any human who happens to live … Read More »

Roman Emperors and Car Alarms

12 Jan

I like this quote by Marcus Aurelius, one of the greatest Roman emperors: “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” People often create troubles for themselves because at some level … Read More »

How To Make New Years Resolutions Stick

30 Dec

Philadelphia Hypnotist Presents Free Workshop on 4th Annual World Hypnotism Day, Friday January 4th 2008 (Philadelphia, PA) – Every New Year, people across the Delaware Valley resolve to make a positive change in their life. But soon after, their motivation … Read More »

Changing How You Think About Food

26 Dec

Weight loss by hypnosis is a useful model for explaining how hypnosis works in general. Lots of people have tried quickie weight-loss approaches, or hoped that joining a gym would motivate them to get in shape. The problem is that … Read More »

Mr. Spock and Hypnosis

25 Jul

One of my role models has always been Mr. Spock from the old Star Trek series, the half-human, half-Vulcan science officer of the starship Enterprise. Did you know Spock wasn’t a full Vulcan? (Yes, I am a nerd) His mother … Read More »

Fearless Hypnosis

30 Apr

First-time hypnosis clients can benefit by reading the article on this site called “How to Get the Most Out of Your First Hypnosis Session” by Cal Banyan. It helps prepare you with the right mental attitude that will make things … Read More »