hypnosis courses As a full-time hypnotist who's hypnotized thousands of clients in real-life scenarios for over a decade, I can report that hypnosis can be a rewarding profession, but it's also useful (and fun!) just to learn how hypnosis works.

BUT when it comes to training, you have to be careful, because the quality of hypnosis instruction varies from outstanding to worse-than-useless. Basically anyone can set themselves up as a "certified instructor", even if they have little or no experience working with real clients.

The sad truth is that most hypnosis instructors have never successfully developed an active practice themselves, so they've turned to running weekend workshops in rented conference rooms, selling certificates as a way to make extra income, often while presenting themselves as "Master Clinical Hypnotherapists" etc.

So be careful when choosing a hypnosis training program. Do not be fooled into thinking that a course which costs thousands of dollars is worth more than one that costs a fraction of that amount.

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