Borat the Hypnotist

24 Jul

In one of the earlier posts I referred to X-Ray Specs and their promise of super-special secret powers.

In the hypnosis field, many people devote a lot of attention to looking for a magical formula — how to use language and voice to create some hypnotic effect. People chatter about learning how to speak with a “hypnotic voice” which will give them the power to command others, and how to structure sentences in order to influence others. This is common among the majority of “hypnotists” who read about subject, collect certifications, and talk about it on the internet, but who have never actively practiced it on a daily basis in real-life settings.

The thing is, people who seek to learn such super-special secret hypnotic powers, in general tend to be the very people who are least likely to have personal power and authority in the first place. It is the mindset of someone who thinks they will gain influence and build relationships with other people by engaging in silly tricks like mimicking body language and posture.

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This reminded me of the popular movie Borat. There is a scene where Borat from Kazakhstan goes to a “humor coach” to learn how to be a comedian in America. The humor coach teaches him certain techniques that are supposedly funny, such as adding “— NOT!” to the end of a statement (for example: “I would like to be stuck in a traffic jam — NOT!”)

Unfortunately, people with limited experience and overly simplistic understanding often attempt to use hypnotic equivalents of such techniques, thinking that is what hypnosis is about, and labeling people as “resistant” when they just don’t “get it”.

From encounters like this, members of the public can get the impression that they “can’t be hypnotized”, without understanding that just because they don’t laugh at an unfunny lame joke, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor.


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