Valentine’s Day Misery: Can Hypnosis Help Me Forget Someone?

11 Feb

Holidays like Valentine’s Day can be great opportunities for people to express their loving feelings for important people in their lives. Still, as the Grumpy Hypnotist I think all the hoo-hah about this kind of holiday is pretty much just something that’s been artificially created in order to drive sales of gift items and packaged “prix-fixe” restaurant deals.

This type of holiday is often a miserable reminder for people who are alone or who have gone through a difficult breakup with someone. It can cause people to relive the emotional turmoil and mental anguish of how things went wrong.

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Many people ask me: “can hypnosis help me forget” this kind of bad relationship. The answer is “Yes”, but not in the way that you might expect. You see, a strange type of amnesia is one of the phenomena that is often associated with hypnosis.

However, I strongly advise against trying to use this type of amnesia for this purpose. What I mean is the hope that the hypnotist will say something like “You will forget all about your ex.” There are underlying reasons related to how memories and emotions are stored, which suggest that this would be a bad strategy to follow.

Instead, the better plan is to focus on hypnotically neutralizing the emotions about the relationship, so that you naturally lose interest in it, and therefore stop thinking about it. This gets to the same desired result of “forgetting” but is more sensible than hoping that some magical hypnotic command will cause amnesia in the long run.

As mentioned on my FAQ page:

…if there is a past relationship that has been bothering you, trying to forget is ineffective and not a good plan, with or without hypnosis. You’ve probably already “tried to forget” and noticed that it doesn’t work.

Instead, with hypnosis we can use various techniques to help you change how you feel about something, usually so that you become neutral and indifferent, and then you naturally lose interest in it and “forget about it”.

I have helped many people with this sort of problem, where they seem to be stuck in their feelings or thoughts about a relationship that their logical, rational mind knows is a losing proposition. Often these distracting emotions and thoughts are preventing them from being productive at work or at school, and their performance suffers, adding to even more stress.

For more information, check out that FAQ item.

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