Changing How You Think About Food

26 Dec

Weight loss by hypnosis is a useful model for explaining how hypnosis works in general.

Lots of people have tried quickie weight-loss approaches, or hoped that joining a gym would motivate them to get in shape. The problem is that these approaches are kind of backwards. They don’t deal with the problem, which is usually related to a person’s fundamental beliefs about food and exercise.

For example, sometimes people subconsciously carry these illogical beliefs:

  • Ice cream or pizza will help me forget that I am sad, lonely, bored or angry.
  • Exercise and going to the gym is something that only athletes and “jocks” do, not me.
  • Eating everything on my plate means I’m being a good boy or girl.
  • Food means fun and being with friends and family, just like all those big dinners we used to have.

Rationally, these beliefs don’t really make sense. But your behavior is not driven by your rational mind, it’s driven by the beliefs in your subconscious. Popping a diet pill or trying a new diet won’t change what’s in your mind, which is where the problem, and the solution, is.

Hypnosis works by changing what you think, feel and believe, as long as you want those changes. Once we correct the wrong thinking you have about food and exercise, then it becomes natural for you to eat healthy and to enjoy physical activity.

A major part of the weight loss work we do is about improving a person’s self-worth via hypnosis. So many people do not value themselves enough. Being out of shape leads to a vicious cycle of a declining self-image.

This recent article from ABC News is about a woman who lost 500 pounds, not with hypnosis, but simply because she realized that she had value as a human being: .

Three years and 530 pounds later Makin is keeping the weight off. She wants people to know that crucial first step is realizing the weight is not the problem.

“I’ve heard so many times, I said it myself, if I could only lose 40 or 50 pounds, I’d be so much happier. I’ve found on this journey that the opposite is true.”

Unless you focus on what’s going on inside and start to feel better about yourself you won’t be able to stop the cycle. “The key is to find contentment and value in yourself by reaching out and doing something not for you, and the weight will come off as a side effect.”

In this society, it’s not surprising that people start using food as something more than “just food”. Page through any “women’s magazine” like Better Homes and Gardens, and notice all the happy families, almost deliriously happy because they are eating delicious processed food products… “served with love by Mom.”

TV commercials program us to believe that we can have a fantastic time stuffing our mouths with fatty, greasy, salty food product, and washing it down with a sugary soda. All the while, being surrounded by sexy and interesting friends!

No wonder we see the following trend:

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Hypnosis can help you buck this trend because it works from the inside out. In the end, all you have is yourself and your mind. If your mind is not “in shape”, then you could own a hundred ThighMasters or BowFlex machines, read about yet another diet program, and you’ll still be spinning your wheels.

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