Fearless Hypnosis

30 Apr

First-time hypnosis clients can benefit by reading the article on this site called “How to Get the Most Out of Your First Hypnosis Session” by Cal Banyan. It helps prepare you with the right mental attitude that will make things go smoothly.

There’s another thing that clients should know in order to make things go well: a hypnotist cannot take over control of your mind, so if you resist the hypnotist’s instructions for getting into the hypnotic state, or try to fight the suggestions being offered, that will not be productive.

It would be like paying a personal trainer to teach you how to exercise and lift weights, and then telling the trainer that you aren’t going to follow the instructions, because you want to prove that you’re still in control.

This kind of resistance can happen when a person is scared of hypnosis for some reason; they may fear that they could lose control if they go into the state.

With that said, hypnosis does involve a certain type of mind control. True hypnotists can, within certain limits, alter a person’s perception of reality and their responses to that altered reality. Many people in this field are either hesitant to admit that hypnosis does involve manipulation and control, or they actually fool themselves into believing that it is just a state of feel-good mental relaxation.

So it’s very important that you be comfortable with the hypnotist, and have some level of trust in him or her. That’s why I encourage clients to meet with me first for a no-risk initial consultation, before going ahead with the actual hypnosis session.

The key point is that fear of hypnosis will interfere with your ability to get into that state. Make sure you bring up any questions or concerns you may have in order to get to a level where you are willing to follow the hypnotist’s instructions with an easygoing and open attitude, and things will go very well.

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