Hypnosis and Art on NPR / WHYY 91FM Philadelphia radio

13 Feb

One of the great things about this work is that I get to meet so many interesting people. Anyone who is proactive and intellectually curious enough to explore mental training like hypnosis is alright in my book.

So I was very pleased to be able to work with a fantastic artist and art professor named Leeza Meksin, and arrange a trade agreement with her. Even better, this working relationship was recently featured on WHYY 91FM, the home of National Public Radio in the Philadelphia area.

Here is a link to the story and an audio clip:
— Drats, WHYY shut down their art blog so that article is no longer available.

I don’t usually consider bartering as an option, but in this case I was happy to participate in the exchange. Leeza clearly had something of value to offer and she was committed to the hypnotic work. Plus she is a very interesting and intellectually stimulating individual. It’s been the best trade ever!

Here is Leeza’s website, please check it out:

hypnosis art radio


To learn more, visit the main website at http://www.centercityhypnosis.com.

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  1. Hey you. Why no updates recently? How about how to control job market blues? The stress of waiting for that phone call that never seems to come. Ok. Looking forward to a great new column…

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