Hypnosis, X-RAY Specs, Control and Responsibility

20 Oct

Hi there. If you’ve done a Google search for “hypnosis”, you’ve probably seen all sorts of ads displayed that basically claim that you can “Learn How To Hypnotize and Control People, Buy this DVD and Gain Power Over Others!”

Well, that’s really dumb. It occurred to me that this is the modern equivalent of those old “X-RAY Glasses” ads in the back of comic books, that promised you the magical ability to see through solid objects like flesh (“Wow, look! I can see the bones in my hand!”) or people’s clothes. Considering that the audience for those ads consisted of teenage boys, it’s pretty smart marketing. And it might even be a similar audience for those “hypnotize and control other people” ads.

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Now, can learning hypnotic language patterns make you more effective in being able to persuade people? Probably. But really, that’s just about learning how to be a better communicator and understanding what motivates individuals. It’s not any more “mind control” than a well-crafted Super Bowl advertisement, or that late-night infomercial that persuades you to pick up the phone and place an order for that wonderful time-saving kitchen accessory!

But anyway, the problem is that this kind of hype about hypnosis can cause people to think that a hypnotist is doing something *TO* them. But the main thing that a hypnotist is doing is walking a person through a process where they can become very focused, and then helping that person vividly use their imagination to create scenarios that can be useful in changing thoughts, feelings and habits. A good hypnotist is able to find out which buttons to push for each individual, in order to best guide them towards whatever positive change they want to make in their life, while they are in a mentally focused and receptive state.

Hypnosis does involve a certain type of mind control. True hypnotists can, within certain limits, alter a person’s perception of reality and their responses to that altered reality. Many people in this field are either hesitant to admit that hypnosis does involve manipulation and control, or they actually fool themselves into believing that it is just a state of feel-good mental relaxation.

However, the goal of using hypnosis is to help *you* gain more control over your own mind, not for you to turn over control to another person. Anyway, it’s unhealthy and disempowering to want to hand over control and responsibility over any part of your life to someone else. If you are hoping that a hypnotist will “fix you” without your needing to make any effort, that’s like hoping that your problems will be solved depending on which politician wins an election.

That sounds a lot less dramatic than the hypnotist having special mind powers that control your behavior, but I assume that you’re mature enough to handle the truth. Otherwise, I have a box full of super-secret X-RAY Glasses that I can sell you!


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4 Replies to “Hypnosis, X-RAY Specs, Control and Responsibility

  1. Very cool description. I think this is an excellent way of enlightening people to the real possibilities of what they can train their mind to do. I enjoyed your post and dig your style. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the comment Joe… I notice you’re in Tampa Bay, FL. If you get a chance check out Debbie Lane at Wisdom Hypnosis, I think her practice is around that area. Regards, Steve R.

  3. Steve – well written! The old stigma about hypnosis just won’t die. This is why I think it’s important for people to first understand self hypnosis, so they know that the process is like.

    If you understand self hypnosis it’s easy to begin to feel comfortable having someone else work with you.

    Here is a post regarding using self hypnosis for weight loss

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