Live Hypnosis Demo on Comcast Morning Show

6 Aug

I was recently asked to perform a live hypnosis demo on Comcast Network’s “Your Morning” show. The induction was performed on a volunteer from the Comcast staff; she was a bit nervous about being on live TV as well as being hypnotized. Still, even with no pre-interview or rehearsal, and in a fairly unrelaxing studio environment (the program is broadcast from the lobby/restaurant area of a large hotel in Philadelphia), she was able to achieve a demonstrable level of hypnosis in the very limited time we had available.

Being on the program was a great experience, the staff of the show was very professional and made sure everything ran smoothly. It is incredible how much is going on behind the scenes on a live show like this! The controlled chaos is really something to see.

PS. The “Your Morning” show is broadcast live every morning into 9 million homes along the East Coast. Did I mention I help many people who have a fear of public speaking, or who would like to gain self-confidence?


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  1. Hey Steve

    Found your blog through and calbanyan sites. Love what your doing with the blog and feel free to check out my hypnosis blog if you like. I’ll add you to my blog list.

    Josh Houghton

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