Mr. Spock and Hypnosis

25 Jul

One of my role models has always been Mr. Spock from the old Star Trek series, the half-human, half-Vulcan science officer of the starship Enterprise. Did you know Spock wasn’t a full Vulcan? (Yes, I am a nerd) His mother was a schoolteacher from Earth.

For a long time, I removed the words “emotion” and “feeling” from my vocabulary so that I could become more like a rational Vulcan. For example, I trained myself to always use the term “I think…” instead of “I feel…”. Of course, I often fell short of the ideal of Mr. Spock, and many times went off and did very un-Vulcan things.

Eventually I recognized that even Mr. Spock could not ignore his human nature if he wanted to achieve his full potential. To do so would be illogical. As a recent article in the Economist put it:

“Rationality has its place. In the end, though… it is Captain Kirk, the emotion-ridden human, not Mr. Spock, the emotionless Vulcan, who has the nous to run the spaceship.”

Aside from wondering what the word “nous” means, this leaves us with the question of how to effectively use the subconscious and intuitive aspects within all of us.

This article from USA Today “Study: Emotion rules the brain’s decisions” describes how it’s becoming more evident that rational thinking is not what determines real-world behavior.

One of the most frustrating and puzzling things for people is that they find it so hard to make changes that they “know” are good for them. They keep trying to “talk sense” to themselves, and get more and more frustrated with how it’s just not working.

Even if you like to think of yourself as an analytical and rational person, if you find that your conscious mind isn’t helping you achieve your goal, then maybe it’s time to consider a different approach using a tool like hypnosis in order to directly modify your emotional, irrational thoughts/feelings/behaviors. That might be the logical thing to do.

star fleet science officer

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