New Hypnosis Book Reveals Insider Tips

27 Aug

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — With increased interest and awareness surrounding hypnosis among the general public, eight professional hypnotists have shared their insights in the newly published book “Real World Hypnosis: Insider Tips from Leading Hypnotists”.

Editor Steve Roh, owner of Center City Hypnosis in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says that the book is intended to give people a glimpse into the practical application and uses of hypnosis.

Steve says, “Hypnosis is often misunderstood because of sensationalism and melodrama coming out of Hollywood and especially nowadays on the internet. The contributors to this book are working hypnotists with years of experience. This book is an effort to give the public a better understanding of how hypnosis can help them.”

The contributing authors are: Celeste Hackett, Debbie Lane, Wendy Merron, Robert Dunscomb, Marc Carlin, Deborah Yaffee, Garrett Buttel, and Tobin Slaven.

Each chapter addresses topics such as self-hypnosis, weight loss, smoking cessation, and sports performance enhancement– one chapter even describes how hypnosis can be used to end involuntary behaviors such as hiccups! Another chapter is intended to help hypnotists build their practices economically through wise use of money and budgeting.

Steve says, “I am grateful to these professionals for having shared their knowledge and expertise. By spreading the good word about hypnosis, more people will benefit from this powerful and valuable tool.”

philadelphia hypnosis book

“Real World Hypnosis” (ISBN: 978-0615239040) is published by Autarch Publishing and available through major online retailers.

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